Eye-Opening Transition & 30-day Raw Till 4 Challenge!

Hi Friends,

I just thought of this idea that sparked from a couple of things. My sister sends me YouTube videos all the time with different people/topics all revolving around Veganism. I have a full time job and we have just entered into busy season; overtime (OT) is an expectation and not really optional. I don't have much time and I'm usually exhausted after my day of work, but I have been making time for things that are important to me, like health and fitness. These videos, along with encouraging words from my sister, have inspired me to dive right into a 30-day Raw Till 4 Challenge!

I am in a transitioning phase right now. I became pescatarian January of this year and along my journey, I have learned more about the benefits of consuming a plant-based diet, like saving the animals, the planet, and being a healthier and happier me.
But, I did not want to just throw out my pescatarian/vegetarian products and I also found the transition to be a little tricky when you're doing it alone and the people around you have yet to learn.
I want to stop feeling guilty and full of regret, plus vegan food is so delicious anyway!

Okay, enough with the background story, on to the details of the Challenge!

What is this "Raw Till 4" thing anyway?

It is exactly as it sounds. You eat fresh, raw, high carb, low fat food (mainly unlimited fruit) until 4pm, then you can enjoy a satisfying home cooked meal. I have never done this before, and based on what I have been seeing, you eat A LOT of fruits and veggies (more than what you typically see) to keep you going throughout your day. I am a little worried about this for when I go to work. I usuallyunless I'm doing OTget two 15 minute breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, and a 30 minute lunch. The best thing I can do is make sure I am prepared and get everything ready the night before.

Before the challenge begins, I'll be sharing some of my stats with you. This is something I don't share with anyone and I am pretty self-conscious about this, but its for good reasons and hopefully I'll inspire someone along the way. I will be providing before, during, and after pictures. I will also be working out during this time, like I normally would, so hopefully we will see some excellent results!

I have to be honest with you, I am nervous about this, but...

"Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step." -unknown

Cher's 30 Day Raw Till 4 Challenge Playlist

For more information, check out:


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