Raw Till 4 Challenge Completed!! Before/After Pics + What I Learned

Hi Friends,

I completed the 30-Day Raw Till 4 (RT4) Challenge earlier this week! So sorry it has taken me a little bit to get this post up, I have been swamped at work, blah. Back to the good news ;) Yes, I have finished this challenge and I am so proud of my accomplishment! 

I learned a lot in these 30 days and I would like to share this and my experience with you.

I am obsessed with weighing myself daily and seeing what that stupid scale says. I did drop a couple of pounds, according to the scale, but this is not a good way to measure progress as the scale does not account for fat vs. muscle vs. water weight. Plus, don't forget that muscle weighs more than fat! Hide your scales and just remember these wise words from Freelee the Banana Girl,
"Weighing yourself is a waste of time because you don't know if you have gained fat, muscle, or fluid. Don't do it! Just go by how you look and feel and how your clothing fits."

Eating a high carb, low fat diet helped me realize how much unnecessary fat I was eating before. Fat is fat, simple as that. There is no need to add extra fat, such as oil when cooking (especially if you are using a non-stick pan) and you also need to limit foods that are high in fat on their own, like avocados or nuts. During my first week of this challenge, I logged my food into Cronometer everyday so I could see how I was doing and see if any modifications needed to be made. Don't forget to change your Macronutrient Ratio Targets. I did 5:9:5, meaning 5% protein, 90% carbs, and 5% fats.

Our bodies run on glucose people, and plenty of glucose is found, where?... you guessed it, in FRUIT! In the past 30 days, I consumed more fruit at one time than I have ever done before. I would have huge 2 L smoothies to start the day and eat fruit all day long. I never crashed because of having "too much" sugar and I also didn't gain a thousand pounds from eating all these fruits and carbs—I didn't gain any pounds! I felt great eating this way. I also tried several different new fruits that I don't think I would have tried had I not experienced this wonderful lifestyle. Oh, and please go organic when available, this is the best way to go. It's better to avoid nasty chemicals and much better for our planet too.

I may or may not have gone through a detox time during my challenge. It may have been too much stress on my throat at work (call center + mandatory overnight is not a good environment for me, especially since I am usually a fairly quiet person... Why do I have this job, you may ask? That's a whole other story), the cold weather, detoxing, or a combo of all the above, not sure. During the week of Christmas, I began to feel unwell and this went on for 2 weeks. There were a couple of days where I felt so bad I couldn't even get up to walk my poor puppy (don't worry, my boyfriend was around to help). I also had a bad bacteria infection in my throat that kept me from being able to go to work.

After my detox/sickness was finally over (or mostly over, my throat is still suffering as I have not been able to make any adjustments with that matter), I noticed a couple of really great changes. I felt great! I could tell a difference and it was amazing. I felt light and had more energy. I also regularly do Christine Salus' HIIT workouts and on this RT4 lifestyle, I was able to keep up better and recover faster. One more thing about Christine Salus, she is amazing! Like Freelee, she is very inspiring. Christine is a beast when it comes to working out. She recently created a 6 Week Challenge that I also just started on 01/06/15. I'll be telling you more about this in another post, but until then, check it out! Physical activity (or just getting that body moving) is key to a healthy lifestyle!

If you have a full time job and seem to be constantly in a rush with no time for anything, you can still do RT4, I promise! When I started this challenge, my "normal" work schedule (not counting the mandatory overtime) was 8-4:30 Monday, Wednesday-Friday and 12:30-9 on Tuesday. I had half hour lunches which were hard on me as I found 30 minutes was not enough time to eat all the fruit I wanted/needed. The way I survived was by being prepared. I brought quick and filling snacks, like dates, that I could munch on during my 15 minute breaks (one break in the morning and one in the afternoon). Near the end of my challenge, I was able to get my hour lunches back, which is A LOT better for me and allows me to go home and see Sadie on lunch ;)

You can still go out for dinner if you'd like, just make sure you know exactly what you're getting into. If it isn't a 100% vegan restaurant, you may want to eat beforehand or bring your own food like Leanimal has done (who cares what others think!). If you are able to go to a vegan-friendly place, just make sure to watch out for those sneaky oils and other added fats. You could try asking for things like less oil or salt and it helps to do research before you go. We love using Happy Cow to search for vegan eateries! Here are some pics below from when I went to some different restaurants. The mac is from Etho's Vegan Kitchen in Winter Park, FL and the gumbo is from The Garden Truck in Jacksonville, FL.

Although I was able to notice some great benefits to this lifestyle, my overall health and fitness goals will take more than 30 days to realize but you have to start somewhere! You get stronger and continue to learn everyday. Below, I have listed my before and after stats and pictures. Appearance-wise, not a whole lot has changed, but remember, this was only 30 days. RT4 is about long-term health.

Before starting this challenge, I weighed around 149 lbs and after the challenge, I weighed 147 lbs—again, I am trying not to be concerned with the numbers on the scale.

My before pictures are the pics on the left, in the pink sports bra, and the after are on the right, in the purple sports bra. I felt a little more confident taking the pictures this time ;)

I really enjoyed eating high carb, low fat foods. You eat as much fruit as you would like during the day and end with a delicious cooked meal for dinner. All the sweet fruits during the day also help to curb any sweet tooth cravings you may have been used to before eating this way. The body runs on glucose after all ;) I will definitely try to keep maintaining this lifestyle. The health benefits are way too great to give this up! This vegan lifestyle has also helped me connect with myself, animals, the planet, and is helping me realize so many things. I had no idea "veganism" was a thing until recently. Advertising and mass media has sadly done an incredible job of brainwashing us. Like I said, I am learning more everyday and it's small changes that I hope will lead to a better future for not only me, but for those I can inspire and hopefully for the whole planet as well.

Friends, please share your story if you have done a RT4 challenge, if you regularly eat raw, or if you're thinking about it. We'd love to hear how it went, how it's going, or if you need any help, we are here for you!! Get out there and see freely! 


  1. I've thought about trying the raw til 4, I'm still a bit unsure. You have awesome progress though!! Way to go :D

    1. Hi Dianne :) I was unsure and worried about my raw till 4 (rt4) challenge but I quickly got over it. This lifestyle is great, I've done all kinds of ridiculous diets and I truly feel a difference and my best doing rt4. I'd be happy to help and share any tips/tricks with you, just let me know. You can always give it a try and if it doesn't work, just do what works best for you. If you need any help, we are here for you! Ask us anything :)





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