A Love Story

I loved you, cared for you, and always treated you fondly. One night, I suggested we should play a little game...

You loved and trusted me so you agreed without hesitation.

I led you to your soft bed and made sure you were comfortable. I put on some nice music and dimmed the lights to a warm glow. I caressed your smiling face and gently put a blindfold over your eyes. Then, I took a knife and sliced your throat. You bled to death.

At least you didn't see it coming.

The next day, I butchered your body and had a delightful barbecue with all of our friends and family. Was it worth it? Yes. I could've let you live, but everyone agreed your dismembered flesh tasted amazing. Don't even get me started on all that protein.


Did you see how deranged that was?

Are "humane" animal products for people who are becoming more conscious of what they put into their bodies?

Humane: kind, gentle, and showing compassion
Can you kindly enslave and destroy someone's existence?

Humane Slaughter, Free Range, Cage Free, Grass Fed, Heritage Breed, Pasteurized, Unpasteurized, Homogenized, Hormone Free, LocalNatural, marketing ploys, social conditioning, lies, lies, and more lies.

Humane exploitation/abuse/torture/slaughter does not make sense. Animals are not "ours" to use. Enslavement and murder can not be done nicely or lovingly to those who want freedom and to those who want to live.
Cognitive Dissonance: Humans often have conflicting beliefs and actions. To resolve an inconsistency, people may try to rationalize their actions.
Example: Someone may think they "love" animals, but continue to eat animal flesh (meat), ovulations (eggs), or bodily fluids (milk, honey, blood, pus, etc.) They are supporting the exploitation of innocent, sentient beings, but rather than changing for the better, they may make up excuses to reassure themselves of their hypocritical actions. 
Hypocrisy: behavior that does not agree with someone's beliefs, feelings, standards, opinions, morality
Example: She loves her children and could not bear the thought of harming or losing a child. She likes cows but is unaware that mother cows are forcibly impregnated in order to lactate (produce milk). Then, the mother cow's baby is taken away from her just so humans can make a profit and steal the baby's formula (cow milk) for humans to consume. The mother cow may repeat this painful process over and over again (until she is slaughtered for meat) while the calves will either suffer the same fate as her or be slaughtered for "veal."
Speciesism: prejudice or discrimination based on species; the assumption of human superiority leading to the abuse and exploitation of animals
Example: She loves ponies, puppies, and kittens but will gladly slaughter or pay someone to murder piglets, baby cows, and other animals because she has been taught that this is perfectly okay and/or she does not see or care about how wrong this is.

Be wary of the stories you've been sold.

Make the Connection

Cowspiracy (also available on Netflix)
Forks Over Knives (also available on Netflix)


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